The Kardashian Reality Or How To Build An Empire On Trash

Kim Kardashian, fiancé Kanye West and daughter North pose for Vogue

The late Robert Kardashian defended O.J. Simpson in the trial in which he stood accused of brutally murdering his wife and her friend, one of the most publicized and controversial criminal cases ever in showbiz. Simpson got off on what many still consider a technicality. In the early 2000s, Kim Kardashian started making regular headlines, though not on her own just yet. At the time, it was Paris Hilton who was THE hottest celebrity on the scene, the it girl who could make the world spin around her with just a flick of the finger. Kim was her friend (BFF is the term Paris preferred) and, for the time being, she had to content with living in her shadow. Still, there were many who noted the exotic beauty of this dark-haired woman of Armenian descent, who had the perfect hourglass silhouette, an ample derriere, gorgeous eyes, full lips and a beautiful smile. They paid attention whenever she was around because she seemed to represent the exact opposite of what Hollywood deemed a perfect woman, physically speaking. Kims breakthrough came in February 2007 when, ripping a page out of Paris book on how to achieve fame, she (allegedly) leaked her own homemade adult tape, Kim K Superstar. Only Kim did it much better than Paris, which probably explains why shes still around (and very good at it), while Paris star has faded considerably.


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